Thursday, January 2, 2020

Class of 2021 To Raise Funds for 6th Grade Outdoor Education Field Trip

There are very few issues facing us today that are more important than the education of our children. The quality of education we bring to our children directly affects the quality of contributions they will make to our community when they grow up.

The PTA, with the direction of parents and teachers at Morris Elementary School, we share this commitment by providing high quality educational programs and activities for our children. Some of the programs funded by the PTA include Field Trip Transportation, Assemblies, Family Events, School Supplies, Classroom and Library Books, Technology, and School Improvements, to mention just a few. The Class of 2021 is currently trying to raise money for their 6th Grade Outdoor Education Field Trip scheduled for Spring 2021.

To cover the costs of the above-mentioned 6th Grade Outdoor Education Field Trip our primary fundraiser is the 5th grade Silent Auction on May 8th, 2020. We are seeking sponsorships to help offset expenses for the event, as well as donations to establish a pool of auction items for the community to bid on. If you'd like to contribute or sponsor to our upcoming Silent Auction, please contact Jennifer Willey at